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Lior Boguslavski


Bre-Anna exemplified excellent teaching skills in LIFESCI 3EP3. She provided clear and comprehensive guidelines/instructions for assignments and tasks, and made herself available to students for any questions or concerns. She always provided timely responses to any questions I had over email and was very accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed having Bre-Anna as a TA as she exhibited a high level of teaching effectiveness and excellent communication/presentation skills that have majorly contributed to my success in the course. 


Mubariz Maqsood   LIFESCI 3EP3/4EP6

I was a student under Bre-Anna for two of the best years of my undergraduate career. In fact, the Life Science 3EP3 and 4EP6 courses I took with her ended up being some of my favorite courses of my undergrad as well. I feel as though Bre-Anna was a big part of that.  Her rich teaching style and high level of organization is what I will always remember her, and those courses by. I always felt as though she had a strong hold of the course content and I could always reach out with any questions, to which I would receive quick responses to. Much of the organization that I saw within her management styles I have implemented in my own student habits and I have seen tremendous gains. I am grateful for having had met and learned from her these past few years and hope to continue to do so!


Charlie Rooney


I have been lucky enough to have Bre-Anna as a TA for two courses and have first-hand experience on how much of a helpful TA she is. Her welcoming demeanour made me feel comfortable reaching out for any questions or clarifications I was seeking and she was always happy to help. Her teaching style is not only supportive, but it also challenges you to do your absolute best. With her help and encouragement, I was always pushing myself to be a better student.


Elizabeth Lee


Getting through the final year of my undergraduate degree was difficult. While maintaining good grades, I also had to think about my future and what I wanted to do next. Bre-Anna played a significant role in helping me navigate the opportunities my program has to offer. I took the course LIFESCI 3EP3 at McMaster University to explore my interests within the working field. Bre-Anna went above and beyond as a teaching assistant for this course. Not only was she efficient at helping with course material, but she made an enormous effort in helping students explore their interests and work towards their future career development. 


Netri Pajankar


Bre-Anna has been an open-minded teaching assistant. She has always been opened to listen to students' grievances and offer help. She checked in on her students from time to time to address their questions and concerns about the content covered in class.

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