Royal Conservatory of Music level 10 (piano)



University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada




Swansea University

Swansea, Wales

Research Methods & Cognitive Neuroscience

2022 (expected)


Ph.D. Candidate
McMaster University

Hamilton, Canada

Scholarly Development



Personal Reflections

Personal reflections are a valuable tool for instructors to improve teaching strategies, analyze and evaluate their teaching practices. I will continue writing reflections throughout this current 'normal' of remote–online instructing and learning.

Directly after my guest lecture on Developing Mind Maps, I wrote a brief, reflective piece on what my personal thoughts were while delivering the lecture. Not only has this allowed me to document my experience and attain tangible evidence of my experience, but it also allows me to identify any inconsistencies in my teaching practice and teaching philosophy. Now, I can devise an action plan to eliminate any inconsistencies and enhance my overall teaching effectiveness. An example of my post-guest lecture reflection from LIFESCI 3EP3 can be found here.

I also wrote a brief reflection on the first day of my sessional faculty appointment. This reflection is what helped shape my teaching philosophy and can be found here.

It is important for me to continue participating in professional teaching development programs such as completing course modules in teaching and learning certificate programs. In Winter 2020, I completed a course within the Teaching and Learning Certificate program at MacPherson’s Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Excellence in Teaching at McMaster University. The course is entitled, Principles and Practices of University Teaching. I rely heavily on the resources and research provided in this course to continue improving my teaching practice and effectiveness. Some of the resources include templates on structured lesson planning and observations—syllabus design and effective ways to generate intended learning outcomes. 

My continued enrolment in this teaching and learning certificate program will allow me to earn two certificates by 2022. Also, I will continue participating in online instruction training and development events offered at McMaster University while participating in workshops and pursuing other initiatives within the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (member since Fall 2020). My participation in such endeavours strengthens my overall scholarly development while helping me help learners navigate through unfamiliar settings.