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Bre-Anna Owusu

Teaching Portfolio

McMaster University

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences

1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, CA L8S 4L8 
Email: kingb10@mcmaster.ca

About Me

What began with instructing piano lessons to individuals of all ages over the past 12 years, evolved into a passion for scholarly educational development and the implementation of experiential learning in post-secondary courses. Over the course of my graduate career, I have contributed to the development of undergraduate and graduate learning in a variety of ways, from course instruction and course design to mentorships, and establishing community outreach initiatives.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching and learning are intricately linked

educate, inform, empower, motivate, assist, and share an appropriate balance of power between myself and learners.

Teaching Practice

What should students know, understand and be able to do? What content is worthy of understanding? Why should they know and understand the content? 

Teaching Development

The COVID-19 pandemic created unexpected challenges and changes in the way instructors teach in higher education. Such challenges have rapidly altered the way in which lectures are delivered, assessments are handled and how courses are designed. Although this pivot in teaching modality has been difficult for both educators and learners, this time has been used to critically think about the classroom environment that I am responsible for creating.

Teaching Experience

Millennials, Music & the Mind (EXPLORE 3IE1) 1 unit undergraduate-level, Sessional Faculty Appointment, McMaster University, Fall 2019 (Revised Outline)

Life Sciences Applied Placement (LIFESCI 3EP3/4EP6)

3 units, 6 units undergraduate-level, with Dr. Sunita Nadella, McMaster University, Fall 2018-current (Syllabus)

Life Sciences Research Practicum (LIFESCI 3RP3) 3 units undergraduate-level, with Dr. Sunita Nadella, McMaster University, Fall 2018-current (Syllabus)

Independent Study (LIFESCI 4A03)                                                 3 units undergraduate-level, with Dr. Sunita Nadella, McMaster University, Fall 2018-current (Syllabus)

Independent Thesis (LIFESCI 4B09/4C12/4D15) 

9 units, 12 units, 15 units undergraduate-level, with Dr. Sunita Nadella, McMaster University, Fall 2018-current (Syllabus)